Mr Bangalore 2011: Annual District Level Bodybuilding Competition

Mr. Bangalore 2011 competition was held at Kamalanagar, Bangalore on 25th September 2011.

This is an annual district level bodybuilding competition. There are four categories in to compete for Mr. Bangalore Yuva, Yuva shri, Udaya, Kumara and Kesari which is translated into below 20 yrs, above 21 college students, first timers and about 40 respectively. The checkups with respect to age, height and weight were done earlier during the day to ensure that you are placed into the right or division.

There was a bit of anxiety which was lurking around corner, among the first timers. Among this years contestants was Dhiraj Ramakrishna. Dhiraj qualified for the first timers category representing his gymnasium Eminent Multi Gym, Rajajinagar.

For Dhiraj the day started with 2 big bananas early morning and a hardcore weight training and cardio session for about an hour or two. This was the moment that he had been training for the last 5 years. As the day rolled on the strain and the exhaustion was wrought on the contestant’s faces. The day was hot, but with the fellow competitors from my gym all supporting one another, felt like a brother hood going out to win a battle.

Other first timers included Chandrakanth. The weight training starts with a good protein, low fat diet and intense workout schedules with a lot of variations from single body part workouts to 3 body part in a day, along with forearms and abdomen workouts which were compulsory on all days. But nothing beats strain and exhaustion of a competition. The agony and the tension were written all across Chandrakanth’s face.

The power, the will, the strength and the energy to go further is determined by the mind. Pain is just reduced to a word with no meaning. Finally the moment that Dhiraj and Chandrakanth have been waiting for. As their numbers are handed out to them they go through their last set of routines. 150 push ups and 100 squats and they are ready to go.

With bated breath after the routine its time to announce the winners of this year Mr. Bangalore 2011. As the names are called out there is a sense of relief and ease among the participants. Dhiraj and Chandrakanth names are called out among the first timers. The joy is evident on the faces of the winners. For most this has been 5 – 6 years in the making.

Winners from other categories:


1. Venkatesh

2. Rajan

3. Ramesh

Yuva shri

1. Dhiraj

2. Akshay

3. Chandrakanth

Udaya Kumara

1. Darshan

2. Adinath

3. Sunil


1. Sundar

2. Nimish

3. Shivraj

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