The Feng Shui Office Fit Out

Feng Shui (literally translated as “wind – water”) is a Chinese system of geomancy that is said to utilize the laws of heaven and earth to assist in the receipt of positive Qi.

Fen Shui is widely practiced across far eastern culture and has been dated back to 4,000 BC. It is a formal study that is part of courses undertaken by students wishing to pursue careers in architecture and interior design. Armed with a Bagua and a compass a Feng Shui practitioner will optimize and enhance the flow of Qi.

Fengu Shui has seen a significant adoption in the west, it is a common consideration undertaken by many interested in alternative and new age thinking during the design of homes and offices and has been promoted by public figures such as Donald Trump who had only recently engaged a Feng Shui master to analyze the auspiciousness of the Trump Towers.

Qi is best defined as a movable life force and Feng Shui infers to ‘Qi which rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water’. It could also be described as best practices in design for attracting and retaining positive energy, while assuring harmony.

Insightful tips as well as ‘dos & don’ts’ of Feng Shui office fit outs are noted. Feng Shui states that color is an important attribute for optimizing positive energy:

Red represents one’s aggressiveness in business;

Orange stands for cooperation and collaboration and strengthen concentration and purpose;

Yellow represents clear thinking and install warmth and friendship;

Blue and green colors account for reflection and infer peace and trust;

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